Bedminster Regional Land Conservancy
Who We Are:
Previously known as the Bedminster Land Conservancy, we are a local, nonprofit, independent land trust, incorporated in August 1997. Operating in accordance with the Standards and Practices of the Land Trust Alliance, we are working to conserve land and natural resources in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This area is approximately 40 miles north of Philadelphia and known for its charm, rural lifestyle, historic character, and natural landscapes. Our name refers to Bedminster Township, one of small townships that is centrally located in this area. Our outreach and land preservation work takes us throughout the area of Bucks County.

What We Do:
We are committed to the protection and preservation of the agricultural heritage and rural lifestyle that still characterizes Bedminster and neighboring communities in upper Bucks County. To accomplish this, we must acquire conservation easements on land, either donated (and thus tax-deductible), or purchased. We educate landowners on the economic and ethical value of conservation easements, and encourage and help them to protect their properties. To this end, we have established an easement fund, and as it grows we will be able to purchase easement rights from those landowners who meet our criteria.

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Contact Bedminster Regional Land Conservancy

Contact Bedminster Regional Land Conservancy

Barbara Drew
Director of Conservation
PO Box 208
Suite 206A
Bedminster, Pennsylvania  18910-0208
Phone: (215) 795-2352
Fax: (215) 795-0834


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