Sustainable Iowa Land Trust

SILT is the only organization in Iowa dedicated to ensuring that  farmland produces healthy food for Iowans in perpetuity.

SILT works to protect our farms to grow healthy food forever to  solve a myriad of problems including;

  • access to land for beginning farmers
  • local food production in the face of climate change and dwindling fossil fuel reserves
  • the future of the family farm
  • the health of our rural communities
  • the oncoming massive transition in land ownership
  • food security for our growing communities
  • urban sprawl/growth eating up prime farmland

We are seeking donations of land and easements across Iowa, working with landowners to meet their needs and goals while preserving land to grow healthy food for good. Landowners can retain use and income from their land until they no longer need it under certain circumstances.

On parcels the trust owns, we will offer qualified farmers long-term, inheritable leases that free them from a lifetime of debt. They will enjoy the pride of ownership over their homes, barns and business, but we will take the price of the land itself out of the equation for sustainable farmers all across Iowa.


Contact Sustainable Iowa Land Trust

Contact Sustainable Iowa Land Trust

Suzan Erem
309 Court Ave
Ste. 821
Des Moines, Iowa  50309
Phone: (515)875-4922


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Iowa

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