Southern Alberta Land Trust Society

The Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS) is a locally-based, rancher-driven, nonprofit organization with registered charity status, dedicated to preserving the ecological, productive, scenic and cultural values of Alberta's Eastern Slopes, prairie and foothill regions.

SALTS was organized under the belief that the most effective and lasting conservation solutions both originate and are maintained at the community level through empowering individuals with the necessary tools and vision.

The work of SALTS includes initiatives in the following key areas:

  • Conservation Easements - Informing people about the value of conservation easements and how such an easement can aid in succession planning, accepting donations of conservation easements, and monitoring the health and integrity of the easements already held by SALTS
  • Education – Educating the local community, the general public, industry, and government about the value of the native fescue grassland ecosystem within the Eastern Slopes, and the need to protect it from loss and fragmentation due to the cumulative effects of urban residential expansion, industrial development, and invasion by alien plant species.

  • Ecosystem Study and Protection – Promoting and coordinating scientific studies into healthy ecosystems, watershed issues, riparian health, native fescue grass, carbon sequestration, and appropriate land use policies.

  • Range Management and Monitoring – Fostering the development and use of appropriate range mapping, monitoring and management tools to help ranchers improve their understanding and stewardship of the native grassland resource and the associated watershed.

Contact Southern Alberta Land Trust Society

Contact Southern Alberta Land Trust Society

Justin Thompson
Executive Director
PO Box 45016
309 - 1 Street S.W., Second Floor
High River, Alberta  T1V 1R7
Phone: 403-652-9998

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