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What Are the Benefits
When trying to settle disputes, Missouri farmers, ranchers and producers
can utilize the department’s Mediation service as a low-cost alternative to
appeals and expensive litigation. This process has a 73 percent success rate
nationwide, meaning both parties involved reach a mutually acceptable and
fair resolution.
It is also an opportunity for participants to resolve an issue within their
financial means and reduce the stress often caused by lengthy litigation.
While it can take years for a case to filter through the court system, media­
tion generally takes only a few meetings to complete. In addition, com­
munications related to and made by the participants during the resolution
process are confidential.
Missouri’s farmers, ranchers and producers
now have an additional support tool which offers many benefits –
What Issues Can Be
The Missouri Agricultural Mediation Program may
be used to settle disputes involving USDA programs,
• Farm loans
• Farm and conservation programs
• Wetland determinations
• Rural Housing Loan program issues and
rural water disputes
• Grazing on national forest system lands
• Pesticide issues
Any issue that may cause a financial impact
as long as you are a USDA program

Contact Joe Walker

Contact Joe Walker

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Jefferson City, Missouri  65102
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