Islands Trust Fundlast updated: November 2010

The Islands Trust Fund preserves and protects land in the Islands Trust Area, a coastal region of British Columbia that is renowned and cherished for its stunning physical beauty, significant biodiversity, gentle climate, and unique scenic, rural, and marine character.

The Islands Trust Fund envisions the islands and waters of the Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound as a vibrant tapestry of culture and ecology where humans live and work in harmony with the natural world. This special place has a network of protected areas that preserve in perpetuity the native species and natural systems of the islands. Engaged residents and conservation partners work together to protect large natural areas and key wildlife habitat. Viable ecosystems flourish alongside healthy island communities.
The Islands Trust Fund has created a Regional Conservation Plan to direct our efforts in achieving this vision. The Regional Conservation Plan identifies priority ecosystems for conservation and guides the policy, decision-making and work programs of the Trust Fund Board.

Contact Islands Trust Fund

Contact Islands Trust Fund

Jennifer Eliason
1627 Fort St.
Victoria, British Columbia  V8R 1H8
Phone: (250) 405-5151
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