Harris Center for Conservation Education

As a land trust active in conserving more than 17,170 acres, the Harris Center has worked with towns, landowners, government agencies and other conservation groups to link together a 29,677-acre Supersanctuary of protected lands. This greenway is home to far-ranging species such as bear, bobcat and moose. 

Land conservation efforts focus on protecting important wildlife habitat, scenic roads, viewsheds, shoreland and other water resources, as well as linking and expanding existing blocks of protected open space. Conservation of room to roam for wildlife and hikers also protects air, soil and water quality, and a functioning natural landscape that we can pass along to future generations.


Contact Harris Center for Conservation Education

Contact Harris Center for Conservation Education

Laurie Bryan
Executive Director
83 Kings Hwy
Hancock, New Hampshire  03449-5114
Phone: (603) 525-3394
Fax: (603) 525-3395


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