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Open space in the Greater Worcester area, long in abundant reserve, is disappearing at an accelerating rate.

The landscape of the Greater Worcester area is being transformed. The land use choices that will determine the character of the region's future are being made now in the development marketplace . If we desire a future where urban values are complemented and enhanced by the presence of undeveloped land, we have to make appropriate choices today. If the current economic dynamic continues, we will lose forever the privately owned open space that has always supplemented Worcester's century-old parks system-land values are simply too high. If we want our children to know the joys of access to land in its natural state, we must act accordingly. If we do not, history shows that we will be leaving them an unremiting urban and suburban sprawl.

A good city needs good country. The one enhances the other: We can have them both.

  • Open space in the commonwealth of Massachusetts has been lost at an unprecedented rate in the 80's-nearly 600 acres per week in 1986.
  • Worcester County is among the fastest growing counties, with four of its towns among the 15 fastest growing towns in the commonwealth.
  • Undeveloped land in the City of Worcester, estimated at 50 percent of its 25,000 acres in the mid 1960's, has recently been calculated at less than 10 percent of the total in 1986.
  • During the same time period, the overall quantity of protected land in the city has not risen, while the amount of parkland has actually declined.

Open space and natural preserves enhance the quality of human life in our cities. They serve as antidotes to the stresses of urban life. In the context of increased congestion and development they provide respite and balance.

They protect water resources, mitigate urban pollution, and bolster property values.

The Greater Worcester Land Trust is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of open space in the Greater Worcester area.

In pursuit of this goal it seeks to:

  • Purchase land of conservation interest.
  • Accept gifts of land.
  • Secure and enforce conservation easements.
  • Pursue limited development ventures where appropriate in order to fund preservation.
  • Advise land-owners regarding techniques and estate-planning benefits of land preservation.
  • Work with local and state officials in the coordination of conservation efforts and the securing of grants.


There is work to be done. The Trust seeks your endorsement and your financial support.

Contributions are tax-deductable.

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