Weiser River Total Maximum Daily Loads Five-Year Review


This document presents a five-year review of the Weiser River Subbasin Assessment and Total Maximum Daily Loads (SBA/TMDL) (DEQ 2006a). This review addresses the water bodies in the Weiser River subbasin that are in Idaho’s current and most recent draft Section 4(a) of the Integrated Report. This five-year review has been developed to comply with Idaho Code §39-3611 (7). The review describes current water quality status, pollutant sources, and recent pollution control efforts in the Weiser River subbasin, located in southwestern Idaho.

TMDLs subject to five-year review are shown in Table A. Table A includes the water body name, corresponding assessment unit, and pollutants with approved TMDLs. It also contains a general description of any implementation on a water body scale and if known, the current water quality trend.

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