H.A. Farms


H.A. FarmsDennis Stowell was president and CEO of H.A. Farms Inc. from 1980 until 2011. The sheep and cattle operation totals nearly 3000 acres of private land and is also comprised of forest and BLM permits for sheep and cattle in Parowan, Utah. Dennis and his wife Marilee took over the business from Marilee’s father, Harvey Adams, for whom the operation is named.

The family’s roots run deep in this part of Utah. Ancestors started ranching in Parowan in the 1850s, and descendants have been farming and ranching in the same valley ever since.


H.A. FarmsDennis Stowell served in the Utah State Senate and chaired the Senate Natural Resources Committee until his passing in 2011. He is described as a model public servant, exemplifying what is best in one who serves selflessly, devotedly and intelligently. “Dennis knew and understood rural Utah as well as anyone, and he was the ultimate defender and protector of conservation, our rural lands and way of life,” said former Utah Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell. “Dennis not only fought for and was a voice for conservation measures, but he also practiced conservation in all aspects of his life – in his agriculture business and throughout his public service.”

On land that had been damaged by overgrazing in the past, Dennis embraced the process of improving it through reseeding existing pastures, fencing them and making each pasture self sufficient by piping water to it. His dedication to wildlife habitat and management of all natural resources was lauded by those who knew him.Dennis was tireless in his pursuit of farming innovation leading to his development of a patented real-time hay moisture tester that is now an industry standard in modern equipment.Dennis effectively utilized conservation management ideas enabling him to enlarge the size of his herds and increase productivity with pasture and crops. He appreciated, supported and lived an agricultural way of life and loved to see rural communities prosper and thrive.Dennis left behind a legacy of environmental improvement, and he left H.A. Farms in the very capable hands of Marilee and their sons, Coy and Kelly. They continue ranching this special land as the sixth generation of agricultural producers in the Adams family.