Why should we be worried about the Monarch Butterflies?

When we think of wild animals losing their habitats, we don’t usually envision butterflies. Instead we might think of elephants, rhinos, and tigers in faraway places. But monarch butterflies are losing their homes right here in the US.
The Regenerative Agriculture Movement

After decades of a slow build, the regenerative agriculture movement is finally taking off, thanks in part to the Savory Institute, which has launched the Land to Market verification program. Learn More

Top 50 Invasive Species in the West

Invasive species pose an enormous environmental challenge to western states and territories. Western Governors have experienced first-hand how these invaders affect the region’s forests and rangelands, water, and agriculture. Full List of Species

Replanting After a Fire: Sagebrush Restoration
Restoring native sagebrush-steppe plants after wildfires has become an important issues because of the focus on recovering sage grouse populations in Idho and the West. Read More

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2018 Great Plains Grassland Summit

What: The objective of the 2018 Great Plains Grassland Summit is to have participants learn more about, and contribute to, science needs, ideas, and plans for managing, conserving and restoring grasslands in the Great Plains. 
When: April 10-11, 2018
Where: Denver, Colorado

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