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Introducing the Land Conservation Assistance Network!

Remember those re-branding surveys from last fall? Thanks in no small part to your participation, the process of choosing a new brand name and look is complete.

Over the next few months RFF will be transforming into the Land Conservation Assistance Network, or LandCAN for short.
This means that, likely starting in June, this will become the LandCAN Newsletter. We'll continue to have the same great content, so please don't be thrown off by a new subject line in your Inbox and the new logo.
"The longleaf pine forest claims the heart of Alabama producer Joseph McKinney. In this #Fridayonthefarm, meet McKinney who works diligently to make his land the perfect host for the majestic pine." Read his story here.
The NRCS' Sage Grouse Initiative is helping private landowners conserve wet habitat in Sagebrush Country to benefit working lands and wildlife. Learn more about their work to build drought resilience, boost forage productivity and benefit wildlife by clicking here.

Imagine Putting Trees on Your Balance Sheet

Trees are Nature's Technology! GreenTrees, the leading carbon reforestation program in North America, employs tree planting on scale in partnership with private landowners in America's Amazon - The Mississippi Alluvial Valley.
Green Trees is just one of four companies operated by the conservation-capitalism company C2I's ACRE Investment Management, LLC. (The others are Big River, Forest Green and Conservation+.) Read more about C2I and Greens Trees in this article from C2I co-founder Chandler Van Voorhis.

WILD Act Passes out of Senate Committee

The bi-partisan WILD Act has passed unanimously out of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and has been advanced to the full Senate for consideration. "We must be good stewards of wildlife. The WILD Act promotes innovation to safeguard threatened wildlife and helps manage endangered species," said Committee Chairman Sen. John Barrasso. Read the Act's full text here.

Why You Need to Complete the 2017 Ag Census

Worried about urban sprawl encroaching on your farmland? Fill out your Ag Census form. Wish your rural community received more funding for services? Fill out your Ag Census form.

“Every farmer has a reason to participate in the Ag Census—and especially those in those barely-on-the-map towns…yours are the voices that matter most. If we don’t know you’re out there, important programs may not be created to assist your particular rural community needs,” said Donald Buysse, of the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Learn more here.
Give the gift of conservation.

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Service providers listed on PLN can update and maintain their own free listings. If you are interested or have questions, click here.
10th Annual Private Lands Partners Day Announced
PFC just announced that this year's Private Lands Partners Day will be hosted right in RFF's own backyard in Bangor, Maine Oct. 3-5. Learn more here.
Sonny Perdue Sworn in as 31st U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
The U.S. Senate confirmed Perdue on Monday, April 24 by a vote of 87-11.

"The only legacy that I seek is the only one that any grandparent or parent seeks - to be good stewards, and hand off our nation, our home, our fields, or forests, and our farms to the next generation in better shape than we found it," Perdue said. Read the press release here.