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On Friday, April 15th, Resources First Foundation's President Amos S. Eno was honored to be a panelist on the fifth installment of the Species Conservation and ESA Initiative Webinars hosted by the Western Governors' Association, entitled Empowering Private Landowner Conservation.

Watch a replay of the webinar and read Eno's account of the event on our Keep Working Lands Working blog.

Tyler Family Inks $11 Million Conservation Easement on Lemhi River

"Ranching and farming can improve habitat for wildlife, like we did for the sage grouse. We have more game on this ranch than I've ever seen in my life! More elk, more deer, more antelope, more sage grouse than there was when I was a kid," says Karl Tyler.

Read more or watch the video here.

One Way to Get Big Ag to Clean Up Its Act

Ray Gaesser - SARE National Conference on Cover Crops & Soil Health
As industrial agriculture has intensified over the past 75 years, concentrating on relatively few crops and dramatically increasing yields, it has also polluted waterways and degraded soil.

But we’ve also seen increased focus on such practices as no-till farming and cover cropping, which mitigate or even reverse that damage.

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Most Retiring Farmers in New England Have No One to Take Over the Farm, New Study Shows

According to a new study released by American Farmland Trust and Land For Good. Nearly 30% of New England's farmers are likely to exit farming in the next 10+ years, and nine out of ten are farming without a young farmer alongside them.

Read the press release.

Cows and Grassland Birds: Can They Get Along?

Upland Sandpiper. Photo © Daniel Arndt.
"Despite concerns that cattle grazing could be detrimental, we found that, in fact, grassland birds and cows can be friends. Cattle grazing generally increased the abundance of Grasshopper Sparrows, Upland Sandpipers and Bobolinks..."

Learn more here.
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TALT is thrilled to announce that James Oliver has joined the team as Chief Operating Officer.

A lifelong rancher, James has a deep love of the land and a strong commitment to TALT's mission to conserve agricultural lands, native wildlife habitats and natural resources.

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