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Louisiana Irises are increasingly recognized as native plants well adapted to garden culture.  They also make fine water garden or rain garden plants and love aquatic or bog conditions. While sometimes referred to as water irises, their only real requirement is to stay damp and not dry out.  
Louisiana iris cultivars grow well across the country and the color range is the widest of all the iris groups.  Hybrids are derived from five North American species: I. brevicaulis, I. giganticaeruleaI. fulva, I. nelsonii, and I. hexagona.  Fulva and brevicaulis occur naturally as far up the Mississippi Valley as the Great Lakes, which largely accounts for the cold hardiness of hybrid cultivars.

This site is designed as a hub for resources on Louisiana irises.  It offers a wide range of information, pictures, recommendations and links on "Louisianas," as these irises are called.

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