Yuma Conservation District

The Yuma Conservation District's Mission is to protect natural resources through conservation research, education and incentives that encourage sustainable agricultural practices to create a vibrant rural economic community.

The Yuma Conservation District is one of 66 Conservation Districts in Colorado, organized as a special government created by the Soil Conservation Act of Colorado.  The district was formed by local agriculture producers in 1958. The District oversees a comprehensive program of natural resource conservation under the direction of a locally-elected volunteer Board of Supervisors made up of Miltion "Bud" Mekelburg President, Fred Raish Vice President, Ross Tuell Secretary/Treasurer, John Deering and Dan Walter and District Staff Bethleen McCall District Manager, Brian Starkebaum Pathways Project Director, Katie Haerr P2M Coordinator.  In the past, the focus has been on soil conservation, with the widespread adoption of soil conserving practices adopted by our producers the district is now able to devote time toward other natural resource concerns including: energy, water quality and quantity, agro-forestry and rangeland health.

Some of the District programs include:

  • Tree & Grass Seed Sales
  • RMA- Alternative Crop Insurance Development Specialty Crop Test Plots
  • District Conservation Technician


Contact Yuma Conservation District

Contact Yuma Conservation District

508 E. 8th Avenue
PO Box 116
Yuma, Colorado  80759
Phone: (970) 848-5605
Fax: (970) 848-5613


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Yuma County, Colorado