Yerba Buena Nursery
Yerba Buena Nursery is California's oldest retail nursery business specializing in Native Plants and Ferns. This retail nursery was established in 1960 by Gerda Isenberg, a pioneer in the movement to recognize the landscape value of Native Plants. On her family's 3000 acre cattle ranch, Gerda fashioned a nursery dedicated to the propagation of these special plants, many of which are now rare, endangered, or extinct in the wild. 

The plants are grown and displayed in a series of charming lath houses, greenhouses and wide open spaces surrounded by Redwood trees, creeks, and a historic barn and farmhouse dating from 1905. Located in the coastal hills above Woodside, California, over 600 species of plants are grown here from seeds, cuttings and divisions. These plants represent all regions of California from the beaches to the Sierras. 

Within our 40 acre setting visitors will find unsurpassed natural beauty and a sense of the history of the Woodside area. A walk through our 2 acre Botanical Garden reveals mature specimens of the plants grown here. Plants for sale are well marked with information cards telling the origin of the plants and appropriate use in the garden. 

Yerba Buena's owner, Kathy Crane and her fine staff of nursery professionals are happy to help with appropriate plant selection on an individual basis. 

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Kathy Crane
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Woodside, California  94062
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