Wyoming Wildlife Services

The Wildlife Services (WS) program in Wyoming helps citizens, organizations, industries, and Government agencies resolve conflicts with wildlife to protect agriculture, other property, and natural resources, and to safeguard human health and safety.

WS’ professional wildlife biologists and specialists implement effective, selective, and responsible strategies that value wildlife, the environment, and the resources being protected. WS manages wildlife damage according to its public trust stewardship responsibilities as a Federal natural resource management program. The program supports the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, based on the principle that wildlife resources are owned collectively and held in trust by Government for the benefit of present and future generations.

A significant role of WS-Wyoming is protecting livestock from predators such as coyotes, red fox, mountain lions, black bears, and grizzly bears. WS’ specialists accurately identify the cause of livestock damage and resolve the conflict while minimizing impacts on wildlife. WS works with diverse cooperators, including airports, businesses, cities, counties, and individuals to curtail or prevent wildlife damage to a variety of resources

Contact Wyoming Wildlife Services

Contact Wyoming Wildlife Services

Rod Krischke
State Director
P.O. Box 67
Casper, Wyoming  82602
Phone: (307)-261-5336
Toll Free: 1-866-4USDAWS
Fax: (307)-261-5996


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