Wyoming Private Grazing Lands Team

WyPGLT is an organization of stewards of Wyoming's privately owned grazing lands who have joined together for the common good. We are individuals, corporations, partnerships, and other organizations.

WyPGLT programs, services, and activities are directed by its members, through the Executive Committee, assisted by advisors from NRCS, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service (UWCES) and from other federal and state agencies. WyPGLT funding comes primarily from NRCS, but is always looking for new partners to aid it in its mission.

WyPGLT members are private grazing lands owners or managers. Our mission is to provide leadership in the stewardship of Wyoming’s grazing lands; to satisfy current needs while maintaining and enhancing these natural resources for Wyoming’s future generations. We work as a partner with the Wyoming NRCS and the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) in supporting the purposes of the National Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative.

By assisting the stewards of private grazing lands we are acting to:

  • Increase economic, environmental, and social stability.
  • Increase awareness and perception of needs and opportunities
  • Improve the information base used in making sound land policy and management decisions.
  • Close the gap between availability of knowledge and its application.
  • Help the private landowner increase profitability on an ecologically sound & sustainable basis.
  • Increase the availability of voluntary technical assistance to grazing land owners who request it.

Contact Wyoming Private Grazing Lands Team

Contact Wyoming Private Grazing Lands Team

811 N. Glenn Rd.
Casper, Wyoming  82601
Phone: 307-265-5250


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