Wyoming Landowner Incentive Program

The Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) provides flexible opportunities for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to partner with private landowners willing to implement habitat improvements and manage their lands to benefit at-risk species. At-risk species are any plant or animal species that are federally listed as endangered, threatened, or  candidate species.

By partnering with the department, private landowners will receive technical and financial assistance to implement management practices that will benefit both fish and wildlife habitat and the agricultural productivity of their land.  LIP projects will focus on select species inhabiting the three main ecosystems where most of Wyoming's at-risk species occur: grasslands; sagebrush; and prairie streams/watersheds.  However, these projects will benefit many of Wyoming's species of greatest conservation need.

How do you participate in the LIP program?

To qualify for a LIP project you must be:

  • The owner of the land that the habitat improvement project will be completed on.
  • Located in a grassland or sagebrush habitat system, or have a prairie stream on your property.
  • Have LIP focus species on your property.
  • Willing to manage your property for the benefit of the species.
  • Willing to enter into a management contract with the WGFD.

Other Considerations

Because the LIP program is federally funded, it requires at least a 50% non-federal match, which can consist of cash or in-kind services provided by the landowner or other partners.  In addition, LIP projects must comply with the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act, but this process has been streamlined for many of the LIP management practices.

How to Apply

Once you have decided that a LIP project is right for you and your property, please contact your local Game and Fish Habitat Biologist or WGFD.  They will help you get the project started by making a site visit, explaining the program further, and discussing your project in more detail, including habitat improvements and Best Management Practices that can be implemented to benefit at-risk species.  Together you will compile the necessary information to work out a project plan, draft a preliminary management plan, and formally apply for a LIP grant.

Applications will be accepted from October through December and project grants will be awarded annually in July on a competitive basis. Time-sensitive and high-priority projects may be submitted and considered at any time.  All projects will require pre- and post-project monitoring and additional annual monitoring, including photo points for the life of the grant agreement.  Projects on actively grazed lands will also require the implementation of a customized 15-year grazing management plan developed to meet the needs of both the landowner and wildlife.

Contact Wyoming Landowner Incentive Program

Wyoming Game and Fish Department
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Cheyenne, Wyoming  82006
Phone: (307) 777-4600


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