Wyatt Brown

We supply the highest grade of hardwood lumber to domestic and international markets. In the 60’s and 70’s we imported logs from Central America to be sawn at our mill here in Natchez, Mississippi. In the late 80’s we became heavily involved in exporting our lumber overseas and to Mexico. To date we have sold our JOLUMCO brand in over 24 countries and counting. Our experienced team is dedicated to customer service.

We start with high grade well managed hardwood timber, grown in the nutrient rich soils along the Mississippi River. We take care in harvesting and merchandizing these trees and delivering them to our sawmill on the banks of the Mississippi. We cut the logs into lumber with quality as our main goal. Our sawmill crew is committed to producing a well manufactured board of the highest grade.

The lumber is then dipped and stacked for air drying. Once the desired moisture content is obtained the lumber goes to one of four company dry kilns. The final product is then graded by our NHLA certified lumber inspectors and packaged for shipment. All boards are graded after kiln drying and our lumber is sold on net tally.

We take our lumber handling and packaging very seriously. All domestic and export bundles are end painted, tally blasted and wrapped with heavy duty plastic straps with edge protectors. We can customize the packaging to our customer’s specifications. We can put the customers logo on the bundles, if requested.

We service many sectors of the lumber industry including furniture, paneling, flooring, frame stock, Architectural, guitar stock, cabinets, molding and various specialty markets.

Contact Wyatt Brown

Contact Wyatt Brown

J. M. Jones Lumber Company
136 Government Fleet Rd
P. O. Box 1368
Natchez, Mississippi  39121
Phone: 601-442-7471


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