Worcester County Conservation District

The Worcester County Conservation District (www.worcesterconservation.org) is a valuable resource of information and referrals on a wide range of environmental topics. The District will coordinate assistance from all available sources, public and private, local, state and federal in an effort to develop locally driven solutions to natural resource concerns. The District office is also a resource center offering a variety of pamphlets, fact sheets, posters, and many free resources for the public.

The technical services are provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service in cooperation with the conservation district.

WCCD has a Proven Track Record!
  • Offers a wide variety of seedlings through the Annual Seedling Sale (http://www.worcesterconservation.org/seedling-sale-15.html) to beautify your landscape, provide shade, cut energy costs, and provide shelter and food for wildlife. Planting something green will reduce greenhouse gases and help you do your part in addressing global warming.  

  • WCCD is in its third year offering a Scholarship Program to a high school senior who resides in Worcester County, Mass. For more information visit: http://www.worcesterconservation.org/scholarship-43.html
  • WCCD sponsors and supports MA Envirothon through fundraising ideas, direct donations and volunteering.
  • Serves as Chairman of the State Commission, where they meet with state officials on a quarterly basis.
  • Joins NACD Forest Resource Policy Group as Massachusetts Forest Management Consultant who  represents the Northeast Region. 
  • Serves as Director of Massachusetts Watershed Coalition.
  • A Board Member of Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game.
  • Sponsors Massachusett Agriculture in the Classroom.
  • A board member of Patriot RC&D Council.
  • Provides education outreach to communities through "Healthy Soils Workshops" and other vehicles as the MACD/NACD Poster Contest where WCCD had state finalists the last two years.
  • The WCCD is a Local Working Group comprised of people interested in natural resource concerns as it relates to agricultural, forests, wildlife, water, energy and more! If you are interested in voicing feedback about local natural resource concerns and how farm bill programs can help.

Contact Worcester County Conservation District

Contact Worcester County Conservation District

Lisa Trotto
52 Boyden Road
Holden, Massachusetts  01520-2592
Phone: 508-829-0168 ext 5
Fax: 508-829-9508


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  • Worcester County, Massachusetts