Woodbridge Park Association

Mr. Newton Herbert Street is the founder of our most popular park, the Alice Newton Street Memorial Park.  Mr. Street was a man ahead of his time – he had the foresight to understand the value in protecting open space.  In November of 1928, he generously donated 82 acres in memory of his mother, Alice Newton Street, thus founding the Alice Newton Street Memorial Park. 

The Woodbridge Park Association was incorporated in 1928, making the WPA one of the three oldest not-for-profit land trusts in the state of Connecticut!  We have been entrusted with the care and protection of this park, and others, in the Town of Woodbridge.

While our mission will always honor Mr. Street’s legacy, our purpose has expanded over the years. 

We continue to strive ‘to hold and steward lands within the Town of Woodbridge as parks for passive recreational use and nature preserves for plants and animals, thereby fostering the preservation of open space for the benefit of the public.’

Contact Woodbridge Park Association

Contact Woodbridge Park Association

Dr. Richard J. Forselius
36 Hallsey Lane
PO Box 3883
Woodbridge, Connecticut  06525-1028
Phone: (203) 393-1683


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