Wombwell Appraisal Service

Wombwell Appraisal Service was established in 2008 after 25 years of Robert Wombwell's work in multiple disciplines of the commercial real estate industry.   Wombwell Appraisal Service provides personal appraisal service for timber, recreation, wetland and conservation easement projects.

Wombwell Appraisal Service has a vision of is providing relevant real estate market information with personal service in the market.  Through many successes and failures,  accomplished with long term perserverance, integrity and dedication to the work, and trusting 'All things are possible with God', we continue to learn and adapt our procedures for our client's needs to realize our this vision. 

Contact Wombwell Appraisal Service

Contact Wombwell Appraisal Service

Robert Wombwell, MAI
2232 Cahaba Valley Drive
Birmingham, Alabama  35242
Phone: 205-437-9271
Fax: 205-437-9271


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi