Wisconsin Landowner Incentive Program

Helping Wisconsin private landowners protect rare plants and animals

The Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) is a grant program that helps private landowners to manage and restore habitat for at-risk (rare) species on their land. The program provides up to 75% of the project cost for eligible project and provides technical assistance to landowners. The program is funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and administered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Private landowners, individuals or groups (e.g., land conservancies or trusts, watershed councils, community organizations, or conservation organizations) proposing projects that will take place on privately (non-government) owned land may apply. Eligible projects under LIP include, but are not limited to, conducting prescribed burns, restoring native vegetation, and removing invasive and woody species to benefit at-risk species. Projects must also occur in one of the priority areas.

The application and guidelines for projects in prairie and savanna habitat are available here or contact the program coordinator.

What are the priority areas?

Wisconsin has funding to implement the program in two areas that have lost a significant amount of habitat and also harbor many rare species. These priority areas are:

Each priority area will have it's own listing of at-risk species. Please refer to the priority area information pages for the list.


What are at-risk species?

Additional information on at-risk species in the priority areas can be found on those specific pages. In general, at-risk species are rare species that are listed as:

Why are you important for Wisconsin’s at-risk species?

Consider this….More than 85% of Wisconsin's land is privately owned and approximately 90% of at-risk species have populations on private land. The biggest threat to most rare species is loss or degradation of their habitat. As a private landowner, you are essential in the effort to preserve and restore habitat for rare species in Wisconsin.

Contact Wisconsin Landowner Incentive Program

Contact Wisconsin Landowner Incentive Program

Darcy Kind, Prairie and Savanna Habitat Biologist
Wisconsin DNR – Bureau of Endangered Resources
101 S. Webster St., Box 7921
Madison , Wisconsin  53707-7921
Phone: 608-267-9789


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