Williamson County Chapter - Native Plant Society of Texas

NPSOT-Wilco Is the Williamson County chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas, a non-profit organization headquartered in Fredericksburg, Texas.  This is our combined website and blog, where you will find both frequently updated information about chapter meetings, field trips, and other activities as well as fairly stable information such as chapter contacts and local native plant sources.

Our shared values are stated in the State NPSOT Vision and Mission statements.

The Williamson County chapter has created chapter-specific Vision and Mission statements:

  • Our Vision – NPSOT–Wilco
    • The People of Williamson County recognize the critical value of native Texas plants and are committed in word and deed to the development and maintenance of viable ecosystems.
  • Our Mission - NPSOT – Wilco
    • The mission of NPSOT-Wilco is to:
      • Educate – Provide education related to native plants which involves members and/or the community.
      • Advocate – Provide expertise and support to our members so they can influence public policy and resource allocation decisions needed to implement our vision.
      • Cooperate – Collaborate with individuals and other groups with shared values to further our mutual goals.
      •  Volunteer – Provide volunteer opportunities to restore and beautify the public and private landscape of Williamson County and to encourage and facilitate member participation for the benefit of the individual as well as the community.
      • Sustain – Be a viable chapter by facilitating internal and external communications, addressing objectives, member needs and fellowship, engaging competent leadership relevant to existing conditions, and managing resources prudently.


Contact Williamson County Chapter - Native Plant Society of Texas

Contact Williamson County Chapter - Native Plant Society of Texas

Cindy Stone
Georgetown, Texas
Cell Phone: 954.494.7519


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Williamson County, Texas