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Talley Construction Consulting offers permit expediting services to contractors, property owners, design professionals and other construction participants trying to get building projects through the governmental bureaucratic maze.

I started Talley Construction Consulting to use what I have learned on the "government side of the counter" to help you get your projects through the jurisdiction's permit process quickly and efficiently. Whether this be through bird-dogging or thorough permit-submittal packaging, it is something I am willing to do that most property owners and construction professionals cannot find the time to do (or the jurisdiction feels can never do to their standards).

One of the issues I always deal with is submittal completeness. You probably have submitted a permit application and plans that seem complete to you, and which are thorough enough to be built from, but which the jurisdiction deemed incomplete. Sometimes the jurisdiction will notify you immediately; more likely your submittal will sit in the bottom of a busy staffer's in-box until he or she has the time to peruse it and notify you to provide more information (or peruse it and realize that it really is complete after all). This may take weeks or even months. And this can happen with each department your project is routed to within the jurisdiction. I have seen it happen all-too-frequently in the jurisdictions for which I have worked. I was never very proud of this treatment of the public. It was just the way things worked.

I offer the following services:

Permit expediting

I can assemble and package your permit submittal to ensure that your project will flow through the system as efficiently as possible. I endeavor to clarify the scope of the project in terms that quickly address the often-conflicting concerns of each department--fire, planning, building, public works, etc.--, translating among the city/county staff, contractors, designers, and property owners. I will walk the project through the permit process, working out the issues that come up with design review, use permits, lot-line adjustments, encroachment permits, preliminary and final maps, building code compliance; and get you your building permit.

Building code consulting

I can perform preliminary conceptual review of projects to catch costly code violations before they are designed-in, and pre-plan-check review to correct code violations in the submittal. I also am often available for code advice, as problems crop up during design, plan-check, or construction.

Construction management and inspections

I can oversee the project and/or provide periodic detailed inspections to ensure code-compliance and quality construction. This also includes pre-inspections for developers in situations of chronic inspection failure/poor workmanship.

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Contact William G. (Bill) Talley

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