William B. May, Jr.

F&W is an international forest resource management and consulting firm providing services tailored to the clients we serve.

Founded in Albany, Georgia, in 1962 by two men with an uncommon vision of the future of forestry, F&W has grown into an international team of more than 100 graduate and advanced degree foresters, forest and data technicians, real estate professionals, and support staff.

Marshall Thomas is F&W's president, a position he has held for more than 20 years. Eley C. Frazer III, a nationally recognized authority on forestry and one of F&W's co-founders, maintains an active role as chairman.

F&W serves small and large non-industrial landowners, industrial landowners, forest industry, investors, financial institutions, and others involved in timber and timberlands. Our mission is to help clients maximize the value and enjoyment of their land and forest resources according to their individual objectives, needs and desires — whether economic, aesthetic, environmental, or recreational.

F&W's roots are with small landowners. Our continued work with both small and large landowners, all having different ownership objectives, keeps us focused on first understanding a client's unique objectives and then applying our management skills to help our clients to meet those objectives.

F&W strives to consistently anticipate our clients' needs as they seek to enjoy the benefits of their forestland today while conserving and renewing the resource for tomorrow. We do so by encouraging independence and a "can do" attitude among our professionals.

F&W maintains an extensive network of offices strategically located in 11 states serving forest landowners throughout the forested regions of the US. F&W also serves the Southern Cone of South America with offices in Uruguay and Brazil.

Our clients benefit from state-of-the-art information systems for mapping, forecasting, accounting and more.

F&W ensures quality by auditing and measuring our field operations to be sure that they meet our quality standards and the standards of sustainable management. In the end, the best forecasts and plans are only as good as the data that supports them, and F&W focuses on making sure this data is reliable.

Contact William B. May, Jr.

Contact William B. May, Jr.

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