William Abernathy
ArborGen unlocks the value of a uniquely vital resource to both people and the planet – the purpose grown tree. Through innovations in both conventional breeding and biotechnology, we develop high-value seedling products that significantly improve the productivity of a given acre of land by enabling our customers to grow trees that yield more wood per acre with greater consistency and quality in a shorter period of time.  These products improve the productivity and sustainability of working forests to help meet the world’s need for wood, fiber and energy, while protecting our land, water and air.  ArborGen sells approximately 250 million seedlings per year and has the first and only biotechnology forestry product under review for deregulation by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Our innovations come at a time when trees are being called upon to do more than ever before. A rapidly growing global population is placing unprecedented demands on our trees. Economic growth in China and other emerging markets, environmental policies and regulations, and increased global demand for energy from renewable sources to reduce dependence on fossil fuels are also driving the increased worldwide demand for wood.  Given the pressures on the availability of native forests, including the growing focus on conservation, the increased development of land for other uses and the reduced accessibility to unharvested tracts of forest, we anticipate that traditional sources of wood supply will not be sufficient to meet this increased demand.

To meet the demand for more wood on less land, the commercial forestry industry needs trees that can do more.  We combine our leading technology with our well-established forestry expertise to develop trees that grow faster, yield more wood, are more resistant to cold and disease and can be processed more efficiently.

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Contact William Abernathy

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