Whole Trees

At WholeTrees Architectures & Structures, our vision is to provide a cost competitive building structures alternative that is restorative. When small diameter timbers are used as high value building product, managed forests perform better as carbon sinks, bio-diverse multi-cultures, and financial investments. Local economies prosper from the presence of sustainable regional harvesting and shop fabrication jobs. And, the climate benefits from the sequestration of CO2 in commercial structures and the stabilization of microclimates with highly productive forests.

Services Provided:

Architectural & Consulting Design Services and Partnerships:

  • Commercial, institutional, and residential design
  • Partnerships with other architectural firms incorporating WholeTrees products
  • Site analysis and site planning
  • Passive solar design strategy
  • On-site forest management

Strategic Partnerships:

  • Long-range development planning with municipalities, corporations, or individuals
  • Advising on use of local forest resources

Project Management & Contracting Construction and Manufacturing Services:

  • Prefabricated structural systems (columns, beams, trusses, arches)
  • General contracting services
  • Construction consulting services Building elements (stairs, railings, other accents)

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Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Wisconsin