White County Soil and Water Conservation District
The mission of the White County soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is to encourage quality stewardship of White County natural resources by linking landowners and available programs.

With our mission in mind, we strive to offer assistance and programs to address our natural resources issues in the county. Our water quality is very important to us. Lake Shafer and Lake Freeman host approximately 850,000 visitors per summer recreation season, so it is important to the District to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Soil loss and nutrient runoff are of great concern. That is why the SWCD has implemented a cover crop cost share program over the past two years to help address these issues. Though it has been slow to implement, we have been able to impact over 1,000 acres with approximately $14,500 in cost-share. We hope to continue to increase the awareness of the benefits of cover crops and no-till farming with workshops, publications and continued incentives.

The White County SWCD started a storm drain marking program in the City of Monticello utilizing a Clean Water Indiana Grant. We are working with the local government and volunteer groups. It is important to let people know that what they dump into storm drains has an effect on the health of our streams. As time and funds permit, we hope to cover the city of Monticello and then possibly surrounding small towns. This community education project is critical and a great way to partner with other nontraditional partners.

For over 14 years we have been working with our schools to provide outdoor education opportunities with grants from our affiliate memberships. We have provided over $46,000 in grants to our schools and youth organizations for various environmental projects. The District believes that youth education is important to the future of conservation. They will be the future landowners and the next stewards of the land.

Contact White County Soil and Water Conservation District

Contact White County Soil and Water Conservation District

Sharon Watson
Office Manager/Education Coordinator
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Monticello, Indiana  47960-1800
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