White Pine Conservation District

The White Pine Conservation District is a subdivision of the Nevada State Government. It was organized and voted into being on December 15, 1941, by the landowners of the District to help them solve their soil, water, and plant management problems. The District’s boundary’s correspond with the White Pine County lines and encompass 5,699,200 acres.

The District is administered by a seven (7) person Board of Supervisors. Five are voted into office by the county electorate and one each is appointed to the Board by the White Pine County Commissioners and the Ely City Council. These supervisors serve without compensation.


  • Provide help to farmers and ranchers with conservation planning. 
  • Help units of Government on special occasions with soils and resource information for land use planning and site reviews on various projects. 
  • Provide timely conservation and agricultural information to the county populace via radio spot announcements and newspaper articles. 
  • Support the Snow Survey Program in the County, and publicized the results in the Ely Times.
  • Provide technical and engineering assistance to farmers and ranchers applying conservation practices, which benefited hay land, pasture and range. These practices included the following:
    • Underground Irrigation Pipeline
    • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
    • Land Leveling and Land Smoothing
    • Livestock Water Facilities
    • Wildlife Habitat Management
    • Pasture and Hay Land Management and Planting
    • Irrigation Water Management
  • Represent District agricultural interests in meetings with County, State, and Federal agencies and other organizations. 
  • Provide representation in the Natural Resources and Conservation fields on the White Pine County Public Land Users Advisory Council (PLUAC). 
  • Assist individuals requesting assistance or information on soils and other resources or concerning various conservation problems. 
  • Provide technical assistance in the application of conservation practices to cooperators and other producers to install conservation practices to their land.
  • Meet with the White Pine County Commissioners and Ely City Council during the year in relations to obtaining financial support. 
  • Provide leadership and technical expertise on the White Pine County Water Advisory Committee.


  • Recognized an “Outstanding Cooperator of the Year” to encourage cooperators to participate in worthwhile projects 
  • Helped with the Crops and Gardens Division of the White Pine County Fair and provided judges for entries. 
  • Continued a request for contributions from Conservation District Cooperators to help defray the costs of operation. 
  • Assisted the NRCS in the continued staffing and placement of professional conservationists in the Ely Field Office to provide assistance to our cooperators. 
  • Continued to promote higher education by providing a scholarship for a deserving individual wishing to further their education in an agricultural or natural resource discipline by attending the college or university of their choice. 
  • Encouraged conservation-related education in White Pine County schools by providing educational material and sponsoring a poster contest in connection with Conservation Week. 
  • Supported the Coordinated Resource Management Planning effort being conducted by a task force made up of local agencies, organizations, and private land owners concerned with management of the natural resources

Contact White Pine Conservation District

Contact White Pine Conservation District

Cory Lytle
District Conservationist
744 E N Industrial Way
Ely, Nevada  89301
Phone: (775) 289-4065 x 105
Fax: (855) 816-0893


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • White Pine County, Nevada