Wegner Crystal Mines
In 1980 I started Wegner Enterprises, Inc. and Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines to begin the prospecting on my land and on government lands. My intention from the beginning was to protect the environment, contribute to the local economy as an employer, and to spiritually grow through my grounding connection to the earth. I studied the metaphysical aspects as well as traditional Native American Indian uses of the stones. I invited the local Ouachita Indians to have their Pow-Wow on my land. We participated in a blessing of my land and were accepted as honorary tribal members. We've learned a great deal about care of the earth from the Indian people.

I wish to be a good caretaker of the land I am privileged to use. We invite and have hundreds of students visit yearly to experience our way of mining and relating to the environment. This is also a very fulfilling aspect of our work which can be arranged for school groups though our office at little or no expense.

Over the past 20 years I have been involved in much charitable work in our community. We have donated or sold quality specimens to museums worldwide which are currently on exhibition. I have learned by my mistakes and proudly mine with an environmentally balanced intent and plan. Since 1979 we have reclaimed several mine sites, which entails filling in the excavation, building drainage, vegetating and fertilizing each site.

Member of the Tree Farm Association and the Montgomery County Conservation District.
  • Has replanted 150,000 trees.
  • Has reforested 7 actual Quartz crystal mine sites, along with various other environmental conservation efforts.

Contact Wegner Crystal Mines

Contact Wegner Crystal Mines

Richard Wegner
P.O. Box 205
Mount Ida, Arkansas  71957
Phone: (870)867-2307


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