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Weaber Lumber has been managing forests for private woodland owners and providing quality timber harvests for more than 70 years. As a certified participant of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), we ensure that the forests are managed to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Many landowners are surprised to learn that almost every forest in the surrounding area has been harvested in the past. Most properties have been harvested several times, yet still maintain their forested condition. This is possible because trees are a renewable resource and reforestation takes place naturally.

You may own your woodland for a variety of reasons; inherited, purchased as part of a farm or other property, privacy and a forested setting for your home, wildlife habitat, recreation, or maybe even a source of firewood to heat your home. Whatever your reason for owning woodland, it is important that your management objectives are preserved during and after a timber harvest.

Our forestry staff works with private landowners within a 130 mile radius of our plant in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Upon request, one of our foresters would meet with you to discuss harvesting options and management objectives.

A harvest can be designed to meet your management objectives, which may include considerations for wildlife, water quality, aesthetics, access for recreation, short or long term income, or timber production.

If you own a tract of woodland and would like to have one of our foresters meet with you to discuss your objectives for management in more detail, please contact Sandy Schera by phone at 800-745-9663. We can then arrange an appointment that would be convenient for you.

Weaber Lumber has become one of the nation's leading hardwood lumber manufacturers with one simple principle: Meet and exceed our customer’s requirements of quality and service. It is our intent to extend our commitment to excellence in manufacturing and service for generations to come.

Every step of our operation is geared to the needs of our customer. Our foresters are committed to the conservation and management of our rich, and renewable, Appalachian timber resource. They work hard to ensure a lumber supply that we can depend on in the future.

During the lumber manufacturing process our many qualified employees adhere to a strict code of standards to ensure a high quality product and service. Our quality control is evident in all phases of the operation, and our service doesn’t end with the sale.

Our continual change allows us to service our customers with rough or finished lumber, S4S boards, moulding and cut-to-size products. Along with these products, we are able to service our customers with small quantities through our distribution center and with multiple truckloads from the mill. We service customers locally, throughout North and Central America, as well as worldwide.

Our customers will find that Weaber Lumber is able to meet their needs and our knowledgeable sales and forestry personnel will work hard to serve and earn their trust.

Contact Weaber, Inc.

Contact Weaber, Inc.

Dennis M. Brehm SAF, CF
Chief Forester
1231 Mt. Wilson Road
Lebanon, Pennsylvania  17042
Phone: (800) 745-9663
Cell Phone: (717) 507-3614
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