W.E. Brewer Scatter Creek Wildlife Management Area
Named for the many natural springs found on the area that merge to form the Scatter Creek Watershed. This is one of the Commissions’ most recently acquired WMAs and represents the only Commission owned WMA within the unique Crowley’s Ridge Physiographic region. Narrow ridges characterize the topography with sharp, winding tops, steep side slopes and narrow valleys between the ridges. Two streams head up on the area, Scatter Creek on the north and Locust Creek on the south. The area is dotted with old field systems which are maintained as permanent open land to add diversity to the landscape. 

Game species found on the area are deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit and quail. The area supports good populations of deer and turkeys.  Squirrel hunting is usually considered to be good on the area. Old field systems support good numbers of rabbits and quail. 
Open lands and old field systems are intensively managed by a combination of specialized plantings, small grain crops and legumes, mechanical vegetation control and prescribed fire. This provides supplemental and emergency food supplies for a variety of wildlife species as well as nesting habitat and escape cover for quail, turkeys and non-game species.

Interior roads and trails are off limits to motorized vehicles, but offer excellent opportunity for hiking, photography, wildlife observance or bird watching. The area is very scenic year around, especially in spring and during the peak fall color period.   

Camping is permitted in designated areas only. Primitive sites only, no utilities.

Take state highway 49 north from Jonesboro to the intersection of state highways 49 and 135 in Paragould. Continue north on state highway 135 to the junction of state highway 34. Turn left on state highway 34 toward Delaplaine and go about 2 1/2 miles until you see the Scatter Creek project sign. This is the only developed access at present.

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