Wayne County Agricultural Land Preservation Program

In 1989, the Wayne County Commissioners created the Wayne County Agricultural Land Preservation Program to help preserve vanishing farmland in Wayne County.

Agriculture and its related industries have always been important to the economy of  Wayne County.  However, the number of farms and the number of acres devoted to farming have been steadily decreasing.  Meanwhile, the population has been increasing rapidly, making Wayne County one of the fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania.

Preserving Wayne County's remaining farmland requires great effort.  Growth and development pressures will continue to threaten farmland.  Conserving the County's agricultural resource base is of utmost importance to all present and future residents of Wayne County.

The objective of the nine member Agricultural Land Preservation Board is to protect the viable agricultural land by purchasing conservation easements which prevent the development or improvement of the land for purposes other than agricultural production and related activities.

Since 1989, Wayne County has acquired over thirty easements, permanently preserving more than 4,300 acres of farmland.


The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for an agricultural conservation easement are as follows:

  • The land must be enrolled in an Agricultural Security Area (ASA) of 500 acres or more;
  • Be contiguous acreage of at least 35 acres or more, unless the tract is at least 10 acres in size and is either utilized for a crop unique to the area or is contiguous to a property which has a perpetual conservation easement in place;
  • Contain at least 50% of Class I-IV soils;
  • Contain the greater of 50% of harvested crop, pasture or grazing land.


An application for the purchase of a conservation easement will only be accepted if the application meets the minimum criteria, the application is completed in full and all required documentation is attached. A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $100 must also accompany the submitted application. For an application and information packet, please contact: Christa Odell County Administrator (570) 253-8904

Contact Wayne County Agricultural Land Preservation Program

Christa Odell
County Administrator
PO Box 134
Prompton, Pennsylvania  18456
Phone: (570) 253-8904


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