Wayne Conservation District

A conservation district is a legal subdivision of state government, responsible under state law for conservation work within its boundaries. Self-government is the guiding philosophy of conservation districts. Decisions about conservation issues are made at the local level by citizens who understand and want to protect and improve their local environment. The Wayne Conservation District is just one of the 66 conservation districts in Pennsylvania and one of over 3,000 conservation districts nationwide. The Wayne Conservation District was established in 1955. Through the years there have been many changes for the District. There were even some name changes that occurred. Originally the District was called the Wayne County Soil Conservation District. Then changed to Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District and to its present name of the Wayne Conservation District. The staff and program have seen many changes throughout those years. From no staff in 1955 to a full time staff of five people at its present level. In the beginning the District was operated primarily by the Board of Directors then only four compared to its present level of seven. During its' early years the District was primarily involved in agriculture and watershed protection as a result of the devastating floods experienced by Wayne County. Today's program includes many activities for education, forestry, agriculture and water quality. The Wayne Conservation District has evolved to meet these many changes then just as it has to now. It's through the dedication and interest of the Board and the District staff that we were able to reach these accomplishments throughout the past forty years and through that same dedication we will be able to do the same. Pennsylvania's conservation districts are a model of effective government and among the most diverse, capable and active in the nation.

Contact Wayne Conservation District

Contact Wayne Conservation District

Robert Muller Jr.
District Manager
648 Park Street
Wayne Co. Park Street Complex
Honesdale, Pennsylvania  18431
Phone: (570) 253-0930
Fax: (570) 253-9741


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