Water Education Foundation
For more than 30 years the Water Education Foundation has been a unique resource for unbiased information about water issues. A nonprofit, impartial organization, the Foundation maintains a strong commitment to high standards of objectivity and balance in all its publications and programs, earning respect from all sides in the debate over water in California and the Southwest.

WEF provides a wealth of information for people in California and the West who use or care about water - the rivers, groundwater, lakes, and taps.  The Water Education Foundation has developed classroom curricula, publishes the magazine Western Water along with regular River Reports and the California "Runoff Rundown," and a series of modestly priced "Layperson's Guides" to many pressing water issues.  Acceptance to their Water Leaders program is an honor for working professionals who have:
  • Commitment to understanding water issues;
  • Interest in seeking leadership roles on public boards and commissions, or key staff positions;
  • Commitment to the community through volunteer activities;
  • Potential or existing opportunities for advancement to key leadership roles within their own organizations.

Contact Water Education Foundation

Contact Water Education Foundation

Rita Schmidt Sudman
Executive Director/Conservation Program Coordinator
717 K Street, Suite 317,
Sacramento, California  95814
Phone: (916) 444-6240
Fax: (916) 448-7699


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