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Washington Parish, named in honor of the first president of the United States, is located in that part of Louisiana which is called “The Florida Parishes.” It derives its name from the treaty signed by France and England on February 10, 1763. This area was immediately organized as an English colony and named West Florida. Louisiana became a state in 1812, but West Florida did not actually become a part of Louisiana until several months thereafter.

Agriculture & Natural Resources
With the increasing loss of agriculture production over the past 20 years, the dairy sector has suffered the most, from 193 farms to 55 today. Local, regional, state and national programs were and are still being held to address the impact on dairy and other sectors (beef, forestry and horticulture) with producers input to help support and meet their needs. Programs offered by Farm Bureau, United States Department of Agriculture (Farm Service Agency, Natural Resource Conservation Service) and universities, all networking to provide the educational and financial resources to maintain those impacted commodity groups along with forestry, nurseries and horticulture programs.

When you support row crops research and outreach programs as research verification programs, participants will adopt environmentally and economically viable production efficiency benefiting the local economy and contributing to economic stability.

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Contact Washington Parish Extension

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