Washington Landowner Incentive Program
The Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) is a competitive grant program to provide financial assistance to private landowners for the protection and restoration of habitat to benefit species-at-risk on privately owned lands. Funds are a direct appropriation from Congress that are passed through the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to state fish and wildlife agencies in a nationally competitive process.

Eligible Grant Recipients
Funding for habitat restoration is available to private landowners, agencies and/or conservation organizations with the clear understanding that projects must benefit LIP species-at-risk and must occur on privately owned lands. A 25 percent non-federal match is required that can include cash donation or in-kind contribution.

Funding for conservation easements is available to private landowners, agencies and/or conservation organizations but must be held in perpetuity by a land trust or other agency/organization with conservation goals. That agency must possess the ability to monitor and maintain the project benefits of the easement in perpetuity. LIP provides a small endowment for monitoring/maintenance purposes. Fee simple acquisitions are not allowed under LIP.

Application Process
LIP grant cycles are open to the public for a three-month period application period. Applications forms are available on this website when a grant cycle is open or may be obtained from the LIP coordinator at 360-902-2478. Applications are reviewed and scored and successful applicants notified within two months. However, due to the federal source of the funds, federal compliance documentation must be submitted to the USFWS Federal Aid office. Their review sometimes exceeds six months.


Contact Washington Landowner Incentive Program

Contact Washington Landowner Incentive Program

Ginna Correa
WDFW LIP Coordinator
600 Capitol Way North
Olympia, Washington  98501-1091
Phone: 360-902-2478
Fax: 360-902-2156


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