Washington Forest Stewardship Program

The Forest Stewardship Program is a nationwide program which provides advice and assistance to help family forest owners manage their lands. The program is cooperatively funded by the USDA Forest Services and state forestry agencies. At the Washington Department of Natural Resources, the Forest Stewardship Program is administered by the Small Forest Landowner Office (SFLO).

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Stewardship Assistance:
SFLO Western WA Stewardship Assistance Program Update July 2010 (36KB  PDF)

Program components

Technical Assistance
The Forest Stewardship wildlife biologist is able to make site visits statewide and work with landowners to manage habitat for a variety of wildlife species.

Thanks to several federal grants, DNR foresters in the Northeast Region are available to visit your forest land, answer your questions, and offer management suggestions personalized to your individual ownership objectives.

DNR foresters and wildlife biologists, can advise you about how to develop and implement an integrated, multi-resource Forest Stewardship Plan for your property, and how to protect against hazards like wildfire, disease, and insects.  A Forest Stewardship Plan will not only help guide your management activities; it can also meet the “management plan” requirement for Tree Farm Certification, current use property taxation, and cost-share programs.  (Minimum of 5 forested acres required for site visit).

Educational Programs and Materials
DNR’s Small Forest Landowner Office cooperates with Washington State University Extension to conduct educational programs for family forest owners across the state.  Examples include Forest Owners Field Days, Forest Stewardship Coached Planning Shortcourses, and other classes, workshops, and field events.  WSU Extension also has a variety of educational materials developed specifically for family forest owners.

Financial Assistance (Cost-Share)
The DNR-administered Eastern Washington Forest Landowner Cost-Share Program reimburses landowners for 50% of the cost of practices (e.g. thinning) to reduce wildfire hazard and bark beetle risk.  This funding is provided through Wildland-Urban Interface grants from the USDA Forest Service.  Forest owners may also qualify for funding for a variety of forestry practices, statewide, through the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) administered by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

“Stewardship Forest” Recognition Program
Properties managed according to a DNR-approved Forest Stewardship Plan are eligible to display the “Stewardship Forest” sign in recognition of the owner’s efforts.  Local DNR SFLO Foresters can also inspect properties for certification by the American Tree Farm System.

Contact Washington Forest Stewardship Program

Contact Washington Forest Stewardship Program

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Forest StewardshipProgram Manager
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