Vya Soil and Water Conservation District

Vya Soil and Water Conservation District has been active in our area contributing to and educating others about critical conservation and resource issues.  In the 2014 fiscal year Vya Soil and Water Conservation District held four public meetings to conduct district business and educate the public on conservation activities in our area. Topics included the Sage Grouse Habitat improvement efforts that are continuing throughout the area, juniper control projects, noxious weed eradication efforts, and challenges faced by all because of the prolonged drought conditions.

Vya Soil and Water Conservation District has continued to support the public/private partnership weed abatement program in North Washoe County. We gather matching funds from area land owners and contribute to the Weed Abatement program managed by the Surprise Area BLM Office. We expect work to continue and expand in our area due to new landowners who have expressed an interest in partnering with us to control weeds. The attached report from the Surprise BLM office details the weed work that they have accomplished this season.

The District has funds set aside to help landowners with sage grouse habitat improvement water development or other conservation projects. In the 2014 fiscal year, we funded one water conservation project on the Hapgood Ranch for $1,432.54. We are continuing to solicit applications for other projects through the NRCS office in Alturas. We also applied for grant funding for Sage Grouse Habitat improvement projects and were awarded a grant for the spring development and water storage project in the Bare Ranch which is on the Nevada/California state line. The grant was awarded and will be completed in the 2015 fiscal year in cooperation with the landowner and NRCS.

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