Virginia Firewise Community Grants

Firewise is a national program that focuses on creating defensible space and safe access for homes in the wildland urban interface so in the event of a wildfire the chances of survival are much greater. Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis.

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) is pleased to announce the Firewise Virginia campaign. Firewise Virginia offers new opportunities for communities in the wildland/urban interface (WUI) to take positive measures to reduce potential threats from wildfire.

The VDOF recently completed a Geographic Information System (GIS) - based Wildfire Risk Assessment of the entire state. Agency Firewise Specialists are now actively working to better assess the level of wildfire risk for the 4000+ individual, at risk, WUI communities identified in the Commonwealth, however, this is only the first step in the process. Once communities have been visited and assessed for their level of wildfire risk, positive actions need to be taken to help reduce or mitigate the hazards identified.

Thanks to National Fire Plan grant monies obtained by the agency, the VDOF is able to offer a new Money for Mitigation sub-grant program to these at-risk communities to provide a portion of the funding necessary to complete hazard mitigation type projects aimed at reducing the identified hazards.

A list of hazard mitigation projects that will be considered for assistance is available. Our application form, Firewise Virginia Community Hazard Mitigation Grant (English; Word template format, PDF format) is also available.

Specific information about the Firewise Virginia campaign can be found online at

Contact Virginia Firewise Community Grants

Contact Virginia Firewise Community Grants

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