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Conserving Vermont's Wildlife Before They Become Endangered

Wildlife Action Plan
Vermont's Wildlife Action Plan is a proactive examination of the health of Vermont's wildlife. It is chock-full of prescribed actions to conserve wildlife and vital habitat before they become more rare and more costly to protect. The Action Plan was created by pooling the knowledge of the people who know Vermont's wildlife best-the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department and the representatives of more than 60 local, state and national agencies, sportsmen and conservation groups, academics, land managers and other wildlife experts.

State Wildlife Grants
The State Wildlife Grants program provides federal money to every state for cost-effective conservation aimed at preventing wildlife from becoming endangered. State Wildlife Grants is our nation's primary conservation program for keeping species healthy and off the list of threatened and endangered species. In Vermont State Wildlife Grants is managed by the Fish & Wildlife Department, where it helps conserve, restore, and actively manage Vermont's wildlife and the places they live.
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