Venango Conservation District

The Venango Conservation District is a local agency, committed to serving the residents, businesses, and visitors of Venango County by providing educational, technical, and financial assistance for quality and sustainable natural resource management.

What Conservation Districts Do?
County conservation districts work to help people and communities take care of the natural resources in their area including soil, water, wildlife, trees and other plants. Using natural resources wisely helps to insure their availability well into the future.
County conservation districts operate under the belief that conservation works best when local people, those who live and work in the area, play an active role in managing their natural resources. Because conservation districts are familiar with local issues they are able to identify and prioritize actions needed to manage the resources of a particular area.
Conservation districts stand ready to offer technical assistance and educational guidance to land owners and managers, local governments, teachers, students and people from every walk of life. They can provide information and help on matters such as reducing soil erosion, protecting water quality, acid mine drainage, or preventing hazardous situations such as floods.
Conservation districts work to better the community as a whole. They help citizens identify available natural resources and establish plans for their wise use. Because conservation districts have established a solid network of available human resources, they frequently work cooperatively across county and state lines.
County conservation districts are efficient and effective. They work with private citizens, partner with state and federal government agencies, and facilitate the work of many private organizations and other conservation districts. The Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc. provides the collective voice for conservation districts at the state and national level.
Who Decides What Each Conservation District Does?
A volunteer Board of Directors that is made up of local citizens representing all walks of life leads your county conservation district. These volunteers study their county's natural resource issues and help guide wise-use decisions to maintain or enhance their community.

The Venango Conservation District
The Venango Conservation District was established in 1961 to focus on conserving natural resources in Venango County. The District’s office is located in Two Mile Run County Park at 1793 Cherrytree Road, Franklin PA  16323. Monthly meetings of the Board of Directors, which are open to the public, are held at 7:00 (Nov-Mar) or 7:30 (Apr-Oct) on the third Thursday of the every month at our offices.


Contact Venango Conservation District

Contact Venango Conservation District

Marc Rickard
District Manager
1793 Cherrytree Road
Franklin, Pennsylvania  16323
Phone: (814) 676-2832
Fax: (814) 676-2927


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Venango County, Pennsylvania