Utah Grazing Improvement Program (UGIP)

We believe that well planned and managed livestock grazing is the most important landscape tool for maintaining healthy rangelands, watersheds, and wildlife habitats. Our mission is to improve the productivity, health and sustainability of our rangelands and watersheds.

Our Goals:

Strengthen Utah's Livestock Industry

  • Improve the sustainability of livestock grazing through science-based management principles.
  • Work cooperatively with federal agencies and partners to promote efficient multiple-use management of public lands.
  • Work with federal agencies and Congress to implement policies and procedures that allow maximum flexibility when addressing grazing and environmental issues.
  • Curtail the decline of public lands grazing opportunity by using sustainable management practices.

Improve Rural Economies

  • Maintain viable ranches as a critical contributor to the economy, customs and culture of rural Utah.

Enhance the Environment

  • Demonstrate the power of managed livestock grazing as an important tool for improving/maintaining rangeland resource health.
  • Plan and implement rangeland improvement projects that improve grazing management.
  • Provide technical expertise and educational opportunity for working ranches and the next generation of ranchers.

Contact your regional coordinator for an application and information on project requirements. Applications are due by November 30th of each year. (It is strongly suggested that you work with your regional coordinator in developing your project plans and applying for grant funds.)

View the UGIP brochure here.

Contact Utah Grazing Improvement Program (UGIP)

Contact Utah Grazing Improvement Program (UGIP)

Troy Forrest
Program Manager
350 N Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, Utah  84114-6500
Phone: (801) 538-4927
Cell Phone: (435) 279-3603


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