Urban and Community Forestry Program

Purpose: The Washington State Urban and Community Forestry Program works to educate citizens and decision-makers about the economic, environmental, psychological and aesthetic benefits of trees and to assist local governments, citizen groups and volunteers in planting and sustaining healthy trees and vegetation wherever people live and work in Washington State. 

Mission: Provide leadership to create self-sustaining urban and community forestry programs that preserve, plant and manage forests and trees for public benefits and quality of life.

The four main goals of the Program:  

Goal 1 Education and Outreach 

Increase the level of understanding, protection and management of Washington's community trees and native vegetation while increasing the number of people involved in urban and community forestry activities.

Goal 2 Financial and Technical Assistance

Maintain high quality public service from program staff and provide the best information to our clients.

Goal 3 Building the Program's Capacity

Develop additional monetary support for the Urban and Community Forestry Program and the people it serves.

Goal 4 Planting Trees

Encourage the planting of more trees and appropriate follow-up management. 

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Washington Community Forestry Council

The Washington Community Forestry Council was formed in 1990 in response to the 1978 United States Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act.  The Council's existence is a federal requirement in order to receive funding for the State's Urban and Community Forestry Program from the United States Forest Service.  The Council's primary role is to advise the Department of Natural Resources on its policies and programs related to urban and community forestry, provide leadership for the citizens of Washington,  function as a clearinghouse of information, cultivate cooperative relationships within the field of urban forestry, and advise the Legislature and the people of Washington on the best ways to preserve, protect, expand and improve Washington's urban and community forests.  If you would like more information or are interested in serving on the Washington Community Forestry Council's Executive Advisory Committee, you may download the application.




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