Uinta County Conservation District

Mission Statement:
To promote and protect agriculture and to provide leadership, information, education and technical assistance for the development and improvement of our natural resources, to protect the tax base and promote the health, safety and well being of Uinta County Residents.            

About the Uinta County Conservation District….
In the early 1930’s large dust storms ravaged more than 75% of the United States. Drought conditions and howling winds carried approximately 35 million acres of formerly cultivated soils away, leaving the land useless for crop production. Millions of additional farmed acres were rapidly loosing topsoil and becoming useless. Farmers were forced to seek work in cities where conditions were not much better. President Franklin D. Roosevelt set extensive conservation programs in force to prevent erosion of the land in April of 1935…

Our County has come a long way since the 1930’s, and the conservation of our natural resources has been a success only due to the participation and efforts of local land owners and citizens. The Uinta County Conservation District was organized on June 4, 1948, as the Bridger Valley Soil and Water Conservation District, in accordance with Wyoming State Law. Then, as now, our aim was to maintain the county’s predominantly agricultural lifestyle while allowing future generations the same opportunities by wisely caring for the land.

Dust Bowl of the 1930’s
The Uinta County Conservation District is responsible for directing programs that aim to conserve the soil, water and vegetative resources within our county. This is accomplished through Conservation programs that promote sustainable use of our natural resources. Success and advances in conservation in Uinta County is due to the stewardship of the local landowners and concerned citizens of the county.

Contact Uinta County Conservation District

Contact Uinta County Conservation District

Kerri Sabey
Conservation District Manager
204 East Sage Street
PO Box 370
Lyman, Wyoming  82937
Phone: (307) 787-3070
Fax: (307) 787-3810


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Services provided in:
  • Uinta County, Wyoming