Two Coves Farm

The Grady family runs this little operation by raising the highest quality meat and eggs.

We believe that by managing our pastures well, by moving the animals each day to a fresh "plate" of food, and by working with nature we are able to do just that.  Our meat CSA works a little differently than your typical CSA. We have created an order form that lays out our meat offerings and prices.   Deposits needed are indicated on the order form. These orders allow us to see not only how much interest there is in various products, it also gives us the capital needed to purchase and manage the animals until they reach maturity. Chicken will become available first in late June, eggs will be available all season. Beef, pork, and lamb orders are generally filled between October and early December.


Contact Two Coves Farm

Contact Two Coves Farm

Joseph Grady
90 Neils Point Rd.
Harpswell, Maine  04079
Phone: 207-400-7999


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