Two Countries, One Forest

 Two Countries, One Forest is a major Canadian-U.S. collaborative of conservation organizations, researchers, foundations and conservation-minded individuals. Our international community is focused on protection, conservation and restoration of forests and natural heritage from New York to Nova Scotia, across the Northern Appalachian/Acadian ecoregion.

2C1Forest will work for the transformation of parks, refuges and forests across the Northern Appalachian Acadian ecoregion into a living, breathing ecosystem for species, plant and animal, large and small.

We will realize this vision by:

  • working and thinking at an ecoregional level, and within ecological borders versus political boundaries
  • defining a clear framework of understanding and developing a network that facilitates and supports a cross-border sharing of vital information; and
  • using the basic principles of science-based, landscape-level conservation.

Contact Two Countries, One Forest

Contact Two Countries, One Forest

Bill Weber
Executive Director
720 Spadina Ave
c/o WCS Canada
Toronto, Ontario  M5S 2T9
Phone: 416-850-9038 x22
Fax: 416-850-9040


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Vermont