Turkey Creek Conservation District

The mission of Turkey Creek Conservation District is to be a grass-roots helping hand to local landowners in dealing with government programs and finding technical assistance.  The District helps landowners obtain funds and provides information on issues and programs aimed at enhancing and protecting our natural resources.  Like other conservation districts across the nation, Turkey Creek CD works with private farm and ranch landowners, small ranchette owners, and other suburban developments to assist in wise and proper management of natural resources.

Turkey Creek is one of the 76 Conservation Districts in Colorado. Established in 1943, Turkey Creek CD has been helping Pueblo County rural residents ever since.  The Turkey Creek district includes northwestern Pueblo County. It is bordered on the south by US Highway 50 from the Fremont County line to the town of Boone.  It is bordered on the east by the flood plain of the Fountain River from the confluence with the Arkansas River north to the El Paso County line.

Contact Turkey Creek Conservation District

Contact Turkey Creek Conservation District

Jeanne Segars
District Manager
200 S. Santa Fe Ave.
4th Floor
Pueblo, Colorado  81003
Phone: (719) 543-8386 Ext 116
Fax: (719) 545-4835


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Pueblo County, Colorado