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Tree Protection Supply is a supplier of tree tubes, tree bark protectors, pecan protectors, pvc stakes, oak stakes, bamboo stakes, treated pine stakes, fertilizers, deer repellant spray, deer fence, mossy oak trees. A blog containing videos and additional information on tree care and planting ideas and techniques.

As a registered forester for the past 9 years I’ve used all brands of treeshelters. I was introduced to the Plantra products in 2007 and I quickly realized Plantra ® Tree Tubes were not the treeshelter of the past. I liked them so much, I decided to sell them and provide a southeast location to allow land owners, land managers, and hunters to learn about this product that is essential in establishing your wildlife/hardwood plantings.

Over the past 2 years, I have been fortunate enought to speak with many, many landowners, wildlife managers, nursery managers, etc from not only the southeast, but the midwest and up north and I quickly realized that no matter how good a particular tree shelter is, one does not fit all. Everybody has specific things they like or dislike about a particular tree tube and nobody has yet to "build the perfect tube." Through my travels, I have talked with people who have used every treeshelter under the sun and they seemed lost on what information is right and what is misguided. So, we decided to provide a one stop shop for people interested in realizing their planting investment.

The best selection – We are not affiliated with any one tree tube company. We are free to test the tree shelter products out there, and offer the ones we think offer the best performance and value.

The best price – We buy direct from the manufacturers, keep our overhead very low, and don’t have to spend a bunch of marketing money trying to convince you that a certain tree tube is the best… and pass the savings on to you!

The best, unbiased information – Scott Berta is a registered forester who has been using various tree tubes for over 9 years. He can answer your questions and provide money & time saving tips and advice.


Contact Tree Protection Supply

Contact Tree Protection Supply

Scott Berta
Owner, Registered Forester
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Newnan, Georgia  30264
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